Well that escalated quickly…

Not sure where to start with this one but in the space of a week I had gone from being a FB reported virgin with a cheeky caption competition post which was entirely my own fault; to a week long ban, (honestly didn’t think the pictures were too bad and certainly no nips or dicks) to a full-on account deletion.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 8.21.53 PM

Super frustrating because FB can not be reasoned with…at all. There is no option to chat with someone and I definitely feel they fall heavily on the side of the reporter and the reported are just guilty…after all there couldn’t possibly be a mistake and trolls don’t exist…hmm I think you’ll find they do.

I didn’t feel singled out, several other in my group suffered the same fate… I have to highlight this is an 18+ opt in reader group but again that really doesn’t matter. I guess I just don’t understand why, if something offends you but is CLEARLY causing no harm why people can’t just scroll on by. It’s not that hard…

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 9.19.49 AM


Sadly I do rely on FB as a very good marketing tool for my books, so I will have to say goodbye to man Candy Monday, Trio Tuesday, Wet Wednesday, Tasty Thursday, F**k Me Friday, Sexy Ass Saturday and Sinful Sunday…or do I…Disgraceful Diva’s you know the answer to that one 😉


#notafanoftrolls #hatecensorship #growupchildren



You say it best…When you say nothing at all

Hello…A strange post because really I don’t have very much to say. I just feel like I haven’t checked in here for a while. I am pretty active on Facebook in my reader group..link below if you’re interested…but be warned it’s utter filth..Yay!! and NO REPORTING!


But I also know not everyone is on FB…I know I wasn’t until this time last year…but then I wasn’t anywhere social media-wise.

I’ve been busy finishing off my new book which my Beta readers loved…phew! It’s now with my editor and depending on how much I have to change I am hoping for a May 30th release date but don’t shoot me if I’m a day or two out. I know you’re excited 😉


I’m trying to understand Amazon algorithms, search engine optimisations blah blah blah…yeah I’m not doing so great with that. As an Indie author visibility is Queen…Gobble-de-gook techno wizardry is King and I’m a pawn in this analogy but really I’m just a little bit shit at I.T. This is OK though, because I will just just have to count on you great people to leave reviews and spread the word…well I guess only if that word is “Read this!” Technically two words I know, but you get my drift.

Oh one thing in case you aren’t on FB…haven’t signed up for my newsletter and haven’t read Ethan’s Fall…Unlikely I know 😉 …but just in case, I am putting Ethan up for sale April 1st and 2nd…I did the two days so you know it’s not an April Fool prank.

It will be 99p/99c!!




ef sale.jpg

Time Hop- 1 Year- Publish-iversary

I published my first book Never a Choice on March 20th 2015.

I knew nothing…I pretty much still fumble along as best I can but a year ago I had read one book on self publishing and I just went for it.


I had obviously written the books I had scheduled to publish and had a professional editor but other than that I was very much on my own…so what have I learnt since then?…What words of wisdom could I offer to anyone just about to press that button?

Um…I actually wouldn’t dream of being that presumptuous to offer advice but I have learnt a few things…

  1. The internet is dark and full of terrors…well duh! But what I mean here is there will always be piracy and it’s devastating when and I mean when it happens to you. Protect yourself as much as you can…sending ARC’s to trusted sources etc…and comfort yourself that those that get books from pirate sites probably wouldn’t have bought your book anyway and hopefully their computer will get a nasty virus and they’ll have all their personal date cloned…we can but hope 😉
  2. Bloggers are people too…I know shocker right! But most are lovely book lovers that do their very best to share their passion but that doesn’t mean they HAVE to do the same for you…they really don’t…If they do…FANTASTIC…really that type of exposure is invaluable so say THANK YOU!! and if they don’t, remember your relationship with Bloggers is the same as any relationship so say THANK YOU regardless-manner cost nothing…no-one likes to feel used.524403
  3. .Treasure your team…if you are lucky (and I consider myself uber lucky) you will pick up readers who love your work and want to help…they may understand to some degree that you are the weeny tiny fish in a massive ocean and offer to spread the word about your books…embrace these lovely folk for the kind hearted generous souls they are. I have a few very active ladies on my street team…dear friends now…and I am unbelievably grateful for all their help promoting…especially since FB tries to hinder them at every turn…You ladies rock!! This is very much an extension of my previous point…value the relationships.tumblr_nuodzrvCn11teoi3lo1_540-2

Not a great revelation I’m sure but like I say I’m still very much learning…I know to give myself time for proper edits and proofreads and I know to appreciate everyone reads a different book…still don’t get how people can rate a book they didn’t finish but hey you can’t win em all…You really can’t so don’t waste your time chasing…focus on those that do…they are a lot more fun to hang  with.

New book with my Beta’s…coming soon…keep an eye out <3



I’m not competitive…oh wait I was a little competitive when I played tennis years ago and I’ve been banned for life playing monopoly with the family (it’s not a game!). So I may be a little, anyway I have entered the Inkitt Swoon Romance writing competition with my first book. Never a Choice

If you’ve read it and like, loved or floved please spare a minute to vote. The link wasn’t live when I posted this on FB so if you looked and couldn’t find and though meh…please check again. I will be forever grateful, as always <3




Never a Choice COVER

Winners :)

I had a competition running for my subscribers and would like to announce….you know just incase you think I had forgotten…I hadn’t …although that does happen.

Anyway winner os a signed book, swag and a Amazon gift card is…

Amy Adkins from the USA and Diane Maag

Gift cards have already been sent and I am on it with the posting stuff 🙂

A big THANK YOU!! and Congrats 🙂



Your Pleasure is how much??

Ok so I have had one or two people mention that they loved my first book (yay!!) but wouldn’t be reading the others because of the price…Hmm, now I actually believe I was a Catholic in a previous life because my instant go-to emotion is guilt but here’s the thing…Yes its a ‘thing’.

What price do you put on things that bring you pleasure. I am taking the massive assumption that reading does give you pleasure…like T.V..Cinema…drink? I know the magical price seems to be $2.99 and mine are $4.20…but with some fairly basic maths over the series…you know because you read the first one for free…that works out at $9 for three books…sort of like $2.99. They are £2.99 in the UK and I suppose I could level the costs but the thing is I happen to live in rip-off Britain…our Petrol costs more…our Levi’s cost more…our drink and although our food maybe the same price…have you seen our portion sizes?? So I make sure the price everywhere else in the world is comparative  to the UK.

Having spent £6 or $9 for my Choices Trilogy you will notice one thing…they are pretty long books…not novellas…full length novels taking an average of 10 hours to read. (It is an average and helps with my need for basic math). Thirty hours of pleasure for $9 … thats…well you get the idea.

And did I mention that in those thirty hours…if you let you imagination be that way inclined…you would have been wined..dined, tempted, teased and fucked three ways to Sunday by the hottest CEO this side of the Atlantic..Daniel Stone…Luck you! <3

The upshot is I am really really happy you enjoyed my book and it is of course your choice to read more…or not but I think it I charge a fair price…I daren’t do the math for the hours it takes to write and produce because this is by no means a pity piece. I love being able to write and even if I will still feel guilty that this is an issue for some of you…I’ll bare the guilt…I’m not going to change…I will however being putting the odd sale out and do giveaways on my reader page…so there is always that. I hope that is ok?947014_10153418875948434_7503656937535200501_n

xdee <3

Fantasy vs. Reality

My stories are contemporary, set in the real world but lets not go crazy…they are fantasy and why might that be??


Sometimes reality isn’t sexy…(I know it’s a shocker! and its a damn site more than sometime), anyway, sometimes it’s really really nice to escape and those precious hours in your head are just enough to get you through the next day. It really doesn’t mater how you escape but I know for me, its important that I do…For everyone else’s safety and for my sanity. So for me its reading…a lot…and writing.

I love that my stories take people away, excite, frustrated and maybe make them fall in love a little. That is truly awesome to me. I would like to think they have enough reality to make them credible but also enough fantasy to do the job 😉

My next book is very much in the ‘fantasy’ section of my bucket list and I am excited to get started next week. I have released my first teaser in my reader group on FB ‘Dee Palmer Chosen Ones Reading Group’- So if you want to share the journey it starts right here:


I’ll leave you with some reality




vs. fantasy.. xdee




Happy New Year

Phew! It’s nice just to take a moment because I find the whole festive season and New Year utterly exhausting…hubby goes a little psycho-santa  and since I’m more like the grinch I just go along with all the madness, bite my tongue and clear up the after-math.

So New Year..resolutions and all that…get fit, lose weight, dry January blah…blah…yes I’ll be doing all of those things but specifically I just want to get back to writing. I have 3 main projects I will be working on. The first is actually complete. The new novella which is initially being released on January 28th with the box set for a special price of 99p/99c. This book will also be released on its own in February.

Secondly, the last book in connection with The Choices Trilogy…Jason and Sam’s story, which I will be starting next week with a tentative release in May.

Thirdly, I also have a completely new trilogy which is as yet is untitled. I really don’t like to keep you waiting so be assured I won’t release the first book until I am happy they are all written and ready to be released.

If you have read my stories and are yet to join my reader group please pop over…you are very welcome :)…its a bit of fun xdee