This is the story of Grace, a woman who barely survives a heart wrenching childhood and an abusive first relationship. She leaves home on her eighteenth birthday, changes her name (Sam) and starts a new life. 

A chance meeting with Leon sets her on a path to become Queen of the London urban BDSM club scene. As Mistress Selina, she can bring any man to his knees without so much as a crack of her whips.

A taboo one-night stand at a friends wedding with Jason becomes so much more than she bargained for. 

Jason Sinclair, is the dominant alpha male sex club owner and king of kink in the London sex scene. Rich and possessive, he secretly buys the club where she works to protect what he sees as his. His proposition is simple – he wants her to submit to him. 

But “Two Doms don’t make a right. We would not play well together.” Our sassy heroine has been hurt before: Can she risk it all again?

As the two start this erotic dirty romance together, Sam’s past comes back to haunt her. Their future is filled with danger and uncertainty. 

Can the two overcome all to have their extraordinary HEA?


I can’t help the shocked laugh that escapes my mouth when I freeze just inside the entrance. It’s like a surprise party, and someone forgot to send out the invitations. The opulently decorated room has been transformed into Santa’s sinful grot- to, with a thousand sparkly handcuffs, extra-large diamante nipple clamps and tinsel covered cat o’ nine tail whips hanging from the ceiling and light fittings. With the subdued lighting and featured spotlights, the whole room sparkles magically but it is empty, well almost empty. The striking distinctive outline of the not so silent partner sits at the bar nursing a glass of his favourite single malt.

I draw in a deep breath and make my way to take the seat beside him. It’s not like I haven’t seen him, spoken to him, tried desperately hard to ignore the spark of feeling I get whenev- er our paths have crossed these past sixteen months. I have. I have tried and failed. I confess I panicked when I started to feel my control slip because, despite my visit home, I am drawn to him. So like a coward that is most unbecoming of a Domme, let alone a notorious one such as Mistress Selina, I called in one massive favour. Leon became my boyfriend. The ultimate barri- er and cock blocker extraordinaire. It would appear that favour expired last night and now it is time for me to face the music, pay the piper and swallow what Jason chooses to shove down my throat. He is a Dom and he is not a fan of liars.

I slip silently onto the high bar stool, but he knows I am there. His head tilts almost imperceptibly before he turns to face me. His deliberate slow movements increase my anxiety, a foreign feeling and one that sits uncomfortably, competing for attention with my racing heart. His predatory look takes in every inch of my body, I can almost feel it leaving a scorched path across my skin. My full-length one-piece cat suit barely leaves any skin on display but his gaze leaves me feeling naked, exposed and vulnerable. I pull my shoulders back and straight- en my back because I am none of those things…I am London’s best Dominatrix.

“Samantha.” The timbre of his voice is deep and gravelly and my name sounds like sin on his lips. I know those lips.

“Jason.” I manage to say his name without inflection de- spite my heart rate spiking and that familiar ache that begins to build.

“You know I prefer Sir.” He fixes me with a stare that would make any submissive quake, and therein lies the problem.

“Ah, we both know that is not going to happen.” I accept the drink Jason has managed to magically order without me noticing. “And I am Mistress Selina here as you well know, Ja- son.” I bite my lip to stop from smirking with satisfaction at the sudden narrow stare flashed my way.

“Since I am your boss, what if I insist on Sir?” He sips his drink, and his lips tip with pleasure.

“Jason,” I take pleasure in the way his name rolls delicious- ly around my mouth. I emphasise each syllable with a sensual tone that makes his jaw clench. “You’re not my boss. You just happen to own the place where I choose to work.”

“Keep telling yourself that, Selina.” His low grumble makes the hairs on my neck stand as though little shots of electricity have been fired through them. “And I’m not your boss…yet.” My body gives an involuntary shudder and I internally berate myself. His expression is utter wickedness and evidence enough that he noticed the shiver he’d clearly caused.

He lets out a breath and I find I’m holding mine. “It’s been a long time since it’s just been the two of us. If I didn’t know better I might think you were scared to be alone with me. Are you scared to be alone with me, Selina?” His sensual tone curls around my stage name like pure sin. His soft volume drops a level and I find my body leaning in. No. I’m being drawn to him. I have to fight to release my breath in anything remotely level. I grip my glass and choose to down the liquid to give me a moment of respite from his scorching intensity.

“Hardly, Jason.” My voice is surprisingly calm even as I can feel my cheeks begin to heat with the lie. “We’ve seen each other plenty of times.” I let out a light laugh, and his mouth may quirk with pleasure but I get the feeling it has very little to do with my comment.

“True but we have not been alone since…” He pauses and stares deeper into my eyes. I can see the exact memory dance in his lust filled eyes. No doubt a mirror of my own. “…the wed- ding.” I interrupt but barely suppress the sexual tension sizzling like a live current between us. I am grateful for the dimly lit room when I feel my face burn with the memory. He lets out a deep and dirty laugh.

“The wedding,” he repeats slowly.

“5 out of 5 ‘Tie me up so you can free me’ Stars” Country Girls Sexy Reads Blog

“HOLY SMOKIN’ HOTNESS …this is the “steamiest” of them all” The Smutbrarians 

“Disgrace: I gave this book 5 freaking hot stars! Oh My Goodness!!! …I thought I was going to have call the to fire department because my kindle was on fire!” Hooked on Books Blog