Step forward all those with great news…Hey Palmer where do you think you’re going?

Okay so what’s with the long and leading title? Well I’ve had a productive morning chatting with my very lovely PR lady and sorting out my release dates for my next 2 books.


Now here’s the thing, you are not going to want to wait long for the last book…I don’t know why specifically…call it a hunch. Also, I don’t want to release the 3rd book in December, because…um it’s December. So a camel of a compromise has evolved with a late November and Mid January release dates for the next 2 books in the Disgrace Trilogy.

disgrace sq

I know it’s a bit of a wait but trust me…they are worth it…(swishes her hair like a well known shampoo commercial).

It’s also means I will have a good 5 months to get my teeth in to the next 3 projects I have been mulling…but more on those later…I don’t want to mess with your minds…too much.


So keep your peepers pealed and look out for ARC  giveaways and competitions I will be running up to the release date.

Thanks guys


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