Winter’s Girl

Winters’ Girl

Once upon a time, I was a foolish girl.
I wasn’t foolish to believe in fairy tales nor dream of a life without pain and punishment.

No, I was foolish enough to believe that a handsome stranger was going to save me.
I trusted him with my young heart.
But he failed me, and I paid a heavy price.

My name is Summer. A foolish, romantic soul that despite eight tough years can’t shake the images of the handsome stranger.
And the promises he made.

Until one day a chance encounter turns those images into reality.

I’m no prince, and I never claimed to be a knight in shining armour.
But am I really the villain?

I’m Raine Winter. I never lose control and the strict rules I live by are set for a damn good reason.
I won’t risk losing someone I love.
Even if that means denying myself the chance to be happy.
It’s a sacrifice I will make, again and again.

Yet there is something about her. There always has been.
But why now? How is she even here?
And why, when I finally admit the connection, do I treat her like another business deal?

When circumstances spiral out of my tight reigned control, it sets in motion a chain of events that neither of us is prepared for.
Only together can we secure our future, and hopefully have the happy ending we both deserve.