Gah…don’t hate me.

Okay this is a quick post because I can see how this might spiral. I am currently pulling my books from the Amazon KU programme, so I can offer them on all platforms…iTunes, Kobo, Nook etc. Well that’s great you might say!



But because of the dates involved my middle book…Always a Choice is still enrolled in the programme until middle of July. Which means if you read it on KU then next one you will have to pay for because it isn’t in the KU programme…(not my fault just how the releases dates and contract with Amazon has panned out)…anyway it’s a cliffy so you might be pissed at this.

It’s not an intentional strategy to irritate, I am just trying to reach more readers. The net result is that you…if you choose to will buy the last book £2.99…but before you get really really pissed and …oh I don’t know leave a 1 star review, could you just maybe reflect that you have read or will have read nearly 1000 pages, taking something like 30 hours for…um £2.99!

I’m not trying to trick anyone but I am trying to make a living…I know shocking.

Much love and big hugs




2 thoughts on “Gah…don’t hate me.

  1. Finally I won’t have to struggle to download your books from Amazon. I don’t know why but I have a real hard time buying all books to read on my kindle app. In fact your books are the only reason I have the kindle app!!
    Can’t wait for iBook releases 🙂

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