Never A Choice –

Remember the books that made you fall in love with hot alpha males all over again? Well, readers that enjoyed Christian and Gideon have just melted over  Daniel Stone.

If you love epic romance stories with enough heat to scorch your kindle, you are bound to enjoy the best selling Choices Trilogy by Dee Palmer, start your journey now with Never.

Never A Choice

Bethany Thorne has secrets and she’s told a few lies but she’s hurt no-one. She just wants a better life, 

She works hard for a life with choices,

A chance encounter with the mysterious stranger, Daniel Stone changes everything.

He makes her heart beat, her body tremble and rocks her very foundation. 

Reeling from the intensity of her unfathomable reactions to this man, her world is sent further spiralling out of her control when on the very first meeting he casually whispers that he knows she’s a liar. 

Bethany begins to feel her hard earned choices start to disintegrate before her.

Dark and dominant Daniel he evokes an instant heat and desire Bethany has never felt before. 

But he is dangerous, he is powerful and he seems to see right through her. Choosing to try and stay under his radar may prove to be the just first choice to slip through her fingers.


“I thought we talked about lying. I know you are lying but I want to know why?” He touches my chin with the tip of his finger and I can feel the intensity of the heat from that tiny connection like a branding iron. 

“How?” Its all I can manage and his lips curl in to a sinful grin. 

“I know you Miss Thorne. I know you better than you know yourself.” He pushes my jacket open and I gulp for the air that won’t stay in my mouth. His strong hands hold my waist, his thumbs tracing circles over my hip and his fingers hook over the waist band of my jeans and follow the band to the middle. “ I know what you need.” He slowly pops the buttons and I let out a small moan, his eyes darken from brilliant blue to almost black. I jump at the sound of the door handle, it’s unlocked. 

“Don’t move.” I barely hear his low growl as he takes one step to my side but remains flush against my body his fingers gently stroking the top of my panties. 

“Ah Daniel.” I recognise Mr Wilson’s cheerful voice. 

“Jack, if you don’t mind I just need a moment with Miss Thorne.” His voice is soft but commanding and with that he sinks his hand down the front of my panties and begins to leisurely move his index finger up and down my soft folds. I try to suppress a full on erotic cry at the intimate intrusion and all that escapes is a strained squeak from the back of my throat. I begin to tremble; my legs are feeling weak and my blood is rushing, deciding whether to flee to my head or my crotch. 

“Yes of course, Bethany I hope you are well, you have my assignment completed yes? Are you enjoying the course?” Oh crap I’ve got to answer, Daniel looks like he is asking for directions. I dread to think what my face looks like as perspiration forms a sheen across my skin and I struggle to breathe. 

“Yes and yes I am, thank you Mr Wilson.” I manage to speak in a level but strained tone. 

“How much?” Daniel says under his breath and sinks a finger further into me. I clench around him and squeeze my legs together. My hips want to grind but I’m guessing that movement wouldn’t go undetected. 

“Oh actually Bethany, you’ve saved me an email.” I whimper, the pressure building is more than a distraction. “We have a drinks reception, selected few blah blah but as a representative mature student on my course I would be grateful if you would come.” His offer is kind but barely registering with me as Daniel continues his deep rhythmical movement, slowly in and out, in and out. 

“She’ll come, I’m sure of it.” Daniel answers on my behalf but not for my benefit. I look at him with heated, pleading eyes. He grins but continues to look at Mr Wilson, his glance the picture of calm whilst sinking a second finger deep inside me. 

“Oh good, the details are on my desk, I’ll just . . .” I hear him step further into the room. I freeze. Daniel interrupts him. 

“I’ll make sure she gets them but if you wouldn’t mind I need to finish with Miss Thorne.” He barely whispers the word with but the deep timbre of the rest of his commanding dismissal weakens not just my resolve but my knees too. Mr Wilson closes the door. My eyes are so wide and my body quakes as I am stepped forcefully back towards the door. 

“I can’t believe, -arhhhh” Daniel strokes a sweet spot inside me and I feel my knees give way. He holds me up with his frame and continues to move his finger deep inside. His thumb puts light pressure in tiny circles on my clit. My hips move of their own volition grinding against his hand, riding him, needing re- lease. 

“You’re so wet and I’m so fucking hard.” He growls into my neck as he flicks the door locked. “No interruptions, I want you to come for me.” Like I could stop. “Now!” He demands through gritted teeth. 

“You’re so fucking responsive Bethany?” He slowly sucks on his fingers and I can see the raw desire still in his eyes. That maybe the most erotic thing I’ve seen and certainly the most erotic act I’ve ever experienced but even so, I realise I am seriously out of my depth with this man. He returns to the desk picks up the details of the drinks reception and hands me the information. He is unaffected and I’m a wreck. 

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  1. Hi Dee

    My name is Debbie and I sat next to you at the Hunt Ball last bank holiday. I just wanted to say that I’m very much looking forward to reading the first two books that you have had published, they came today and I go on my hols at the weekend and can’t wait to start. So thanks for the conversation and look forward to giving you a book review on my return. I hope you and your family are well and have a lovely bank holiday.
    Kind regards
    Debbie x

    • Hi Debbie,

      Oh thats really lovely to hear…always like to hear what people think (well not so much if they think its rubbish but you know what I mean)…really hope you enjoy and have a great holiday 🙂


  2. Hello! 🙂

    Came across your ‘The Choices Trilogy’ and knew I have to read it! I’m an avid romance from Singapore without a kindle (many titles aren’t available on asia’s site either :(, so I’ll like to know the other platforms whereby I can purchase the books! Thank you && am so pumped up !!!

  3. Just finished reading Never A Choice. WOOOOOOOOOOW steamy and oh so much fun. I cannot wait until payday where I can get my paws on the rest of the trilogy and continue the story.

    • Ah thank you hunny…thats really lovely to hear…and I’m not trying to rush you..honestly I’m not like that… but the other 2 books are on sale this week 99c/99p and 1.99c/1.99p…I only get a certain number of days to put the books on sale with Amazon so this is it for 3 months…Sale ends on Friday. Just didn’t want you to miss out.


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