Hey, (long post sorry)

I don’t want to make a big fuss or anything. This is a decision that has come quite easily in the end and I wanted to let you know… (my reader group already know this but I know some of you aren’t in there)

I’m giving up, just the writing…not on life. (That was a marketing tactic too disgusting to even joke about imo)

The book world has been one of the most wonderful adventures of my life, the friends I have made and visited I will cherish well into my old age but the truth is I can no longer make a living out of it. As much as it started as a hobby, it quickly and to my utter surprise became more. However that is no longer the case and, I have to be realistic and seek out something that is a whole lot more secure.

I wanted to thank each and every one of you for your support and love over the years. The fact that you took a chance on a unknown Indie author and have been so very loyal is humbling, to say the least.

I’ll be keeping my books available on Amazon but will shut my page down, Instagram, etc over the next few weeks but I would hope you know that if you ever wanted to chat I’m just an email away.

Love to all ❤


Hello, and welcome to my world.

Who am I?

Dee, I’m Dee, I’m a USA Today Best Selling author. (says in a British accent whilst giving a big wave and even bigger smile- I’m soooo happy you are here). 

What do I write?

I love writing emotional rollercoaster, seriously sensual, intelligent romantic stories, with sexy stubborn Alpha’s and sassy strong females. I’ll give you your HEA but I will put you through the ringer before I do. (Gives a shamelessly wicked viliianesque laugh)

What am I doing here? (Not in the existential sense, more- what is the website all about sense.) 

I hopefully have all the information you could possibly want, set out in the tabs above.

These link will take you directly to my author page on Amazon, for all my books.

My new book Winter’s Girl is out now.