It’s a numbers thing…

Gah I hate maths…


Having spent a gruelling hour going over my ‘numbers’ it would appear I am an idiot to take my books out of the Kindle Unlimited programme. Over 60% of my income comes from there.

Whats was I thinking??

KU is where new readers don’t mind taking the risk on an unknown indie author such as me and it’s where veracious romance readers dwell…my kind of reader.


So…I’m going back in…Not so much with my tail between my legs because I honestly like the idea of having my books available on all platforms but the cold hard figures have put paid to my best intentions. It’s not all about the money but sometimes it kinda is…

I don’t think this decision affects too many and with the Kindle app I think that number is pretty tiny but I am sorry, it’s just a no brainer…a girl’s gotta eat!





2 thoughts on “It’s a numbers thing…

    • For the time being..yes that’s right…one day I hope this will not be the case and it really isn’t a case of it’s not worth it…the sales on Kobo, iTunes, Nook are small but thats is irrelevant…It’s more to do with the fact that I actually lose 60% of my income by being on these sites and through not being available on the Kindle Unlimited programme…Amazon really have this market sewn up tight. I hope you can understand this ❤ xdee

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