13 thoughts on “Never a Choice – Bonus Chapter Daniel POV

  1. Ah! As always you never disappoint! I love hearing Daniels view. I can’t get enough of these two! You are very talented Dee! I wondered what took place in the 45 mins. He said it would take to get to her. Thank you much for that insight. Loved of! 👍

  2. Hey now hey now, I loved that from Daniel’s POV………how about all 3 the same Dee Palmer……….its always perfect to hear both sides.. (o’;’o)

    • Hello Chevonne,
      What a beautiful name..and thank you i’m glad you enjoyed it..i will have a bit more in a novella I’m planning for January..not sure I’m up to the full 3 but never say never 😉 xdee

    • Hi Vicky,

      You need to subscribe to get the password..I can send it to you now but it means you don’t get added to the subscriber list and will miss out any future freebies or releases. Here’s the link ..its very simple and I can ping to over straight away.


      Glad you are looking forward to reading more..Daniel’s poi t of view seems to be a bit of a hit 🙂


  3. Brilliant!!!
    I REALLY liked the guessing game, food sex is TOTALLY hot and the trust thing made it even hotter!!! I absolutely adore your “dirty” little brain Dee, and cant wait for what ever it thinks of next…….. You’re “the Queen” 👑 ❤️❤️❤️

  4. I definitely want more of Daniel’s POV. I don’t always get a good sense in the stories of who he is, and this makes him seen more real and human.

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