Always A Choice

Dark and erotically demanding, Daniel is everything and more. 

Bethany embraces the challenge of being with a man like Daniel whilst trying to come to terms with what he needs.

And what she can give him of herself. 

Is it ever going to be enough? 

Daniel consumes and possess every part of her, 

Its intoxicating and seductive. 

Bethany needs to choose between being true to herself and the promises she made.

And being the type woman Daniel demands.

12 thoughts on “Always A Choice

    • Hi,

      Definitely available on kindle…I’m tied in with Amazon so only available through them…but if you have a kindle or the kindle app you should be able to get it..hope that works for you 🙂 xdee

  1. Hi Dee
    I was just wondering how come I can’t get all the books on iBook. I got the first one but not the next lot.

    • Hi,

      I am in the process of ending my exclusive contract with Amazon so the rest of the books will be available on all platforms by the end of July…If you sign up to my newsletter I will drop an email when that happens but I’ll also post on here too.
      Glad you enjoyed 🙂


  2. Hi Dee
    I have just finished the first book in your choice trilogy. Never a choice. I eagerly go to buy the 2nd instalment to find it is not on iBooks Why? Neither is book 3. I do not subscribe to Amazon. To say I’m disappointed is the understatement of the decade let alone the year!
    Highly disappointed
    Jayne Flood

  3. I bought the first book in the Choice series on my nook and loved it. Sadly, I am unable to get the rest since I don’t have a kindle. I wish they were available for Nook or Google Play.

  4. I first read Disgrace on Kindle. Discovered the Choice series that came before it. Loved the 1st one & would like to buy the next. I have credit on my nook account, but not my Kindle. Will it ever become available on nook? If so, when?

    • Hi Kim,

      I’m really happy you loved the story so far…I am tied in with Amazon exclusive on their Kindle Select programme so for now other than Never all my books are only available on kindle, or the kindle app. Always a Choice and The Only were briefly out on other formats but I actually lost so much income I had to return to the select programme.

      If you have subscribed to my newsletter, you will be the first to learn when I have a sale…which I probably will have before my next release…in March.

      Thank you again, and I’m sorry I can’t be more help here, I hope you understand.


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