Fantasy vs. Reality

My stories are contemporary, set in the real world but lets not go crazy…they are fantasy and why might that be??


Sometimes reality isn’t sexy…(I know it’s a shocker! and its a damn site more than sometime), anyway, sometimes it’s really really nice to escape and those precious hours in your head are just enough to get you through the next day. It really doesn’t mater how you escape but I know for me, its important that I do…For everyone else’s safety and for my sanity. So for me its reading…a lot…and writing.

I love that my stories take people away, excite, frustrated and maybe make them fall in love a little. That is truly awesome to me. I would like to think they have enough reality to make them credible but also enough fantasy to do the job 😉

My next book is very much in the ‘fantasy’ section of my bucket list and I am excited to get started next week. I have released my first teaser in my reader group on FB ‘Dee Palmer Chosen Ones Reading Group’- So if you want to share the journey it starts right here:

I’ll leave you with some reality




vs. fantasy.. xdee




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