Your Pleasure is how much??

Ok so I have had one or two people mention that they loved my first book (yay!!) but wouldn’t be reading the others because of the price…Hmm, now I actually believe I was a Catholic in a previous life because my instant go-to emotion is guilt but here’s the thing…Yes its a ‘thing’.

What price do you put on things that bring you pleasure. I am taking the massive assumption that reading does give you pleasure…like T.V..Cinema…drink? I know the magical price seems to be $2.99 and mine are $4.20…but with some fairly basic maths over the series…you know because you read the first one for free…that works out at $9 for three books…sort of like $2.99. They are £2.99 in the UK and I suppose I could level the costs but the thing is I happen to live in rip-off Britain…our Petrol costs more…our Levi’s cost more…our drink and although our food maybe the same price…have you seen our portion sizes?? So I make sure the price everywhere else in the world is comparative  to the UK.

Having spent £6 or $9 for my Choices Trilogy you will notice one thing…they are pretty long books…not novellas…full length novels taking an average of 10 hours to read. (It is an average and helps with my need for basic math). Thirty hours of pleasure for $9 … thats…well you get the idea.

And did I mention that in those thirty hours…if you let you imagination be that way inclined…you would have been wined..dined, tempted, teased and fucked three ways to Sunday by the hottest CEO this side of the Atlantic..Daniel Stone…Luck you! <3

The upshot is I am really really happy you enjoyed my book and it is of course your choice to read more…or not but I think it I charge a fair price…I daren’t do the math for the hours it takes to write and produce because this is by no means a pity piece. I love being able to write and even if I will still feel guilty that this is an issue for some of you…I’ll bare the guilt…I’m not going to change…I will however being putting the odd sale out and do giveaways on my reader page…so there is always that. I hope that is ok?947014_10153418875948434_7503656937535200501_n

xdee <3

4 thoughts on “Your Pleasure is how much??

  1. l CAN’T WAIT for the next 2 books in The Choices Trilogy!!! LOVED, LOVED,LOVED the first one!! I’m going to buy them,. The first one was free and was a terrific read! I’m willing to pay the cost of the other books for 2 more great reads!! Please keep them coming, Dee!! You’ve made a loyal reader out of me, hooked on the first book I read!! Thank you!!

    • Hi Emilia,

      Thank you so much..I’m really happy you enjoyed my means the world to hear this..really it does. The other books are out but I am tied in with Amazon, if you are able to download the kindle app you can read them like that. I hope this works for you.

      And again, thank you for reaching out and letting me know 🙂


  2. I tried Never a choice, and you know what ? I bought all your books even if I haven’t a lot of money because I thought you were that gold.

    People should recall that writer is a REAL job, a time consumming one, and I don’t think a lot will work for free.

    Writers often thanks readers but sometimes tables should be turned, so thanks you, thanks for Bethany, Sofia, Marco, Leon, Jason et Sam.

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