Happy New Year

Phew! It’s nice just to take a moment because I find the whole festive season and New Year utterly exhausting…hubby goes a little psycho-santa  and since I’m more like the grinch I just go along with all the madness, bite my tongue and clear up the after-math.

So New Year..resolutions and all that…get fit, lose weight, dry January blah…blah…yes I’ll be doing all of those things but specifically I just want to get back to writing. I have 3 main projects I will be working on. The first is actually complete. The new novella which is initially being released on January 28th with the box set for a special price of 99p/99c. This book will also be released on its own in February.

Secondly, the last book in connection with The Choices Trilogy…Jason and Sam’s story, which I will be starting next week with a tentative release in May.

Thirdly, I also have a completely new trilogy which is as yet is untitled. I really don’t like to keep you waiting so be assured I won’t release the first book until I am happy they are all written and ready to be released.

If you have read my stories and are yet to join my reader group please pop over…you are very welcome :)…its a bit of fun xdee



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