Last But Not Least…

This may well be my last blog post of 2015…kind of depends if I get too drunk and decide to recklessly go on-line. I can’t deny it’s a worry and I can make no promises 😉

I have had a great year, mostly because I got to make new friends in a book world I never knew existed…I made kinky friends in secret groups that make me blush and I made the kindest, sweetest friends with people so generous with their time that they give it freely to help me…promote and generally shout about my books and I couldn’t love them more for it.

I hope you all have the best Christmas, enjoy the time with loved ones, eat too much, drink too much and remember…as one of my Chosen Ones you are always loved…by me <3


Shiny red background with starlight raining down

Shiny red background with starlight raining down


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