Nitty Gritty

I did leave my editors report and MS alone for a whole week, which is really good for me. I have spent the last three and a half days on planet ‘Choices’. My husband has given up trying to engage in any form of communication as I stare blankly back at him when he asks the simplest thing. But I have made my amendments, deleted where advised, added and padded and copy edited. Which I can do until the cows come home – and is a real worry. Every time I look at a page I see more errors. Not huge but enough to piss me off. So I have printed it out and shuffled the pages, so I can focus on the words and grammar, not the story. Hopefully this will leave it clean and shiny; ready for the formatter on the 27th. I can send my ARCs out on the 2nd and upload to Amazon on the 10th. I think it will be available to pre order from then and released on the 20th.

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