Above and Beyond

I’m definitely a little on edge. I have handed my baby (my book) to my reluctant husband for a final copy edit before I send it to the formatter to work their ebook magic. It really isn’t his thing but I printed it out and shuffled the pages so it makes no sense (I would hope 😉 ) but it means he can concentrate on the grammar, which is proving troublesome. Not because I am especially bad at spelling but I do, on occasion, have speedy careless fingers and spellcheck only works if the words are actually spelt wrong!

So I’ve gone a little clean crazy, I’m like a demon with a duster trying to distract myself. He has until Wednesday and after I send to the formatter it should be back to me early next week. I can then upload to amazon for pre-orders and send out some ARCs. I should also have book 2 back from my editor by the end of this week and I’ll have those amendments to keep me busy 🙂

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