So I have actually given myself a deadline. I got my MS back from my editor last Friday and although there is definitely some work to do, I was hugely encourage by her positive appraisal:

“The is an excellent example of erotic fiction, and will naturally be compared with successes like Fifty and Crossfire. Bethany is a charming protagonist, and the reader cannot help but warm to her, ensuring they stick by her story right to the end.”

Sorry (not sorry) I had to put that in again because it just makes me smile. Anyway, I have put the report and MS down and started to look into the other stuff. I uploaded the title onto Goodreads and started to put the information into Createspace for the printable version but the formatting has left me cold. The learning curve felt like scaling the Matterhorn so I have booked my book in to a professional on the 27th Feb. I have booked a release date of the 20th March which gives me an Amazon KDP deadline of March 10th. Still pretty bloody exciting 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 11.20.10

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