First Review

Can I call it a review when it’s actually feedback from my editor? Well yes I can because she is the first person to read it that isn’t family or my friends that i’d take a bullet for, so I think it counts as a review:

The is an excellent example of erotic fiction, and will naturally be compared with successes like Fifty and Crossfire. Bethany is a charming protagonist, and the reader cannot help but warm to her, ensuring they stick by her story right to the end.

Phew! Can you guess how big my smiley face is right now? 🙂 Much bigger than that!

I have pulled the best quote (obviously) from her report and there is enough work, rewriting, editing, deleting etc. to keep me out of mischief but for now i am going to bask and do what my editor told me to do – put the report and MS down to let the recommendations take hold, for at least a week (I know she said 2 weeks but no chance).

Think its likely to be a March release date, maybe Feb depends how tricky making the changes turns out to be.

Hope your excited – again with the smiley face 🙂


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