Head In The Game

I have definitely been procrastinating this week but in the best way. I have read three amazing books that I couldn’t put down but it has meant I haven’t started my next project which I had planed to do 🙁 But hey there is always next week. I am in limbo though because although I have had the next cover back from the designer which i’m pretty pleased with, I know my editor started work on book one last weekend and i’ve heard nothing, not a peep! And its all i can think about so it might be wise to not start anything just yet. I’m completely new to this so I have no idea if thats normal, if she’s crying in her cornflakes having to read my work of just … well I always assume the worst so arghhh. It’s been a while but it feels very much like a ‘will he call?’ scenario. God I hope so!

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