Happy New Year (again!)

I know I said Happy New Year  in my last post but its worth repeating because I really hope you have a great one!! I think 2015 is all about putting ‘it’ out there. I know I intend to release all three books of mine in the first quarter of the year so that is pretty huge and I have tentatively started to break down my new story into chapters but there is some research to do and a whole lot of blanks to fill. But I love this, so much there is no hint of a moan – because they come much later and hopefully in the arms of a hot alpha 🙂

Talking to my other half and being very vague about what I have swirling around my brain distracting me, I could see he looked a little miffed I wasn’t in a sharing mood but he has no idea the effect an involuntary judgemental eyebrow raise, (especially has he doesn’t read this genre) can have on me and my story is very much in the nursery stage, delicate, fragile and in need of nurture. So tight lipped and protective I am going to start in earnest next week.

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