On a Positive Note

I have the best readers…reader group…street team…friends.13427946_1743782949174209_8102842654121989593_n

The First Summer Indie awards run by Metamorphosis Publishing has just finished and it was such a close nail biting race. I had 3 books in the erotic romance category and with over 200 nominations I was pretty much blown away that in the end I had all 3 books in the top 4. You can see where this is going???

Yes, I was pipped at the post but honestly I would be nowhere near that post if is wasn’t for some amazing people…dedicated…relentless and a lil’ bit crazy. I couldn’t love you guys anymore if you were my own kids…actually thats not a compliment…most of the times I want to strangle my kids…so you guys win…hands down 😉


I have also had my first invite to a signing…now I’ve applied to signings and been accepted (Still some pending…come on LoveNVegas 2017) but this was my first invite invite…Leeds 2018 yay!!

I’ve written over 4k words today and I don’t have to cook dinner….Livin’The Dream <3

Thank you Thank you Thank you



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