Our Book Review – Never A Choice (The Choices Trilogy #1) – Dee Palmer

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** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **

Bethany struggles everyday!

She has a demanding job, studies part time and her mum has late stage dementia which sees her in a nursing home.

Bethany is doing all of this for her mum. Has been doing all of this since her sister, Kit, disappeared with the money from the sale of their childhood home.

Bethany (Bets) knows all about loss……. Her childhood sweetheart was murdered defending her.

When she first meets Daniel, sparks fly, but she denies her feelings towards him.

Bets takes on a second job at a late night call centre, where she becomes Lola, a sultry submissive.

She only has one caller who she only knows as Sir.

What will happen when Bets realises that Daniel and Sir are the same person?
And when her sister turns up in her life again, will Bets…

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