Our Book Review – Always A Choice (The Choices Trilogy #2) – Dee Palmer

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** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **

The second book in the Choices Trilogy left us spellbound.

We are once again drawn into Bethany and Daniel’s lives.
Bethany has survived the sinister antics of her deranged sister, saved by Daniel. Things run smoothly for them both for a while until Daniels ex reappears and asks for his assistance.

When Daniel offers his help to Angel, he can’t understand why Bethany sees this as a total deal breaker.

Are we all destined to live our lives as our pasts see fit?
Should we let our pasts define our future?
Is there always a chance to correct past wrong doings?

Fortunately, there’s the final instalment to this trilogy to hopefully answer these questions.

We loved being smack bang in the middle of Daniels and Bethany’s story. We think you would be hard up to find anyone who…

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