Many Layers

So I’m deep into my computer edit of my final book The Only Choice and everything about this is a learning experience. I do get asked, mostly from my family as I spend a disproportionate amount of time absent, ‘How are you doing?’ and feeling guilty for this self indulgent hobby I tend to say I’ve finished a lot of the time, which is true. What I mean is I’ve finished writing, or I’ve finished the first read through, I’ve finished the manual edit with my trusty pen, I’ve finished putting those edits back onto the computer or I’ve finished the final final read through – see many layers! Anyway I’m part through final edit putting my pen edits on to my computer copy of the last book, then I will have one last read through of book 2 – Always A Choice and book 3 The Only Choice. It may be self published and filthy as they come -pun intended- but I want it to be the best it can be and reflect the care and passion that I have loved giving.

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