You Get What You Pay For

I haven’t set the pricing for my books yet but this clearly got me thinking and since I not only read but I devour a huge quantity of books on my kindle I have a good idea what I am prepared to pay. I love the free sample option which I use frequently for authors I haven’t read before but for ones I have I think under a fiver and I will probably buy without reading reviews around the £8 mark and I’ll check a few reviews to make sure it’s my cup of tea. But here’s the thing, I have just been sucked into a series of short books, not stand alone novellas which are extensions of stories I have enjoyed but clearly the same story and if I buy the 6th and apparently final book I will have spent just under £12 for a book and I think that’s a lot. Don’t get me wrong  I have enjoyed the books, the story was engaging and the quality of the writing was very good but most were 1 hour 40 minutes on my kindle and that is not a book in my world it’s 3 chapters and I have no problem paying but like most people I get a little miffed when I feel I’m being ripped off.
Several authors do this and I have chosen to not buy more than the first one or two, which of course is always my choice or others have packaged them in a bundle which is priced like a whole book which I am happy to buy but I think it’s a shame because I will probably not buy anything more from this particular author because I do feel ripped off.
So my books are part of series but are not short or novella sized so I am going to consider this a little before the first is released in January.  Let me know your thoughts? 

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