Sleeping my Way Across America…

Hmm out of the gutter please…this is more an homage to ‘Naptime’ rather than an expose on my travels…I should be so lucky ;).


I am half way through my 6week adventure traveling across the United States and I’ve had many ‘firsts’: 1st Red Solo cup, 1st Top Golf, 1st Taco Bell, 1st Chicago Pizza, 1st time on a double decker train, 1st…hmm maybe later…and I’ve visited some staggeringly beautiful places and met the best people. But by far the most significant thing I’ve learnt about myself is no matter how far I from my house I may be…having a ‘Nap’ always takes me home.


My first stop was Charlotte, North Carolina for the Dark & Seductive book signing (which was awesome!).

I then flew up to Cleveland where the nap-attacks hit me hard. It helped I didn’t really want to venture further than my AirBNB apartment since the Uber driver informed me I had selected staying in ‘The Hood’ to start my vacation….of course I did!

My next stop was just perfect for my nap time to fix itself as a permanent and non-negotiable part of my adventure. The Upper Peninsula, Michigan where I stayed in friends cabin. The location was stunning and kind of perfect for me, quiet, inspiring and not so remote that all could think of was the film Cabin in the Woods. 

My next stop was Chicago and not for the first time I wondered this is going far too well for the heroine and I’d cock my ear and listen for the ominous soundtrack to kick in. It didn’t and I bloody loved this city.

My routine is fixed…up early to wander or write- late lunch-home for my nap -up and out for a late evening explore.

Onward next out to the West Coast…

Just a little update…


It kind of feels a little narcissistic to just post when I’ve got nothing much to say, I mean I don’t want to waste your time when there’s not much to report but also I don’t always want to be only posting when I have something new to sell…so this is an inbetweenie post.

I am two thirds into a new book which like Never and Disgrace, will very much start as a standalone but also like Wanted, who knows ;). I love that you want more from the stories I tell and as tempting as it is when there’s demand, I have to be absolutely sure I have the ‘right’ story to tell. I am super impressed with authors that are hugely productive and although I don’t think I’m bad, I definitely need the time in my head for the stories, characters, and events to have a play around before they hit the page and even then they will need some time to settle…make sense and whatnot.

So I don’t have a release date…yet, hope I don’t lose you in the meantime <3

If you follow me on FB you will know I’m moving house soon which has pretty much put a halt to anything remotely creative, unless seeing how much you can physically stuff in a box is considered creative that is…no I didn’t think so.

See I told you nothing much to report but I will leave you with a standard author plea …please and thank you <3




Magic Formula

Yeah…I really don’t think there is one, sorry. But don’t go just yet, I’m sure I can cobble together some words of wisdom for anyone staring out as an Indy author. Oh wait…I’m still starting out, forget that. You can go and do something much more interesting than read my musings.

Still here? OK, fab 🙂 I’m not a newbie, even if I feel like I am. It’s been two years and I have nine books out, which are all doing rather well, THANK YOU! I understand from chatting with others that there has been a change in the market…a significant change even.

It’s possible. I haven’t been around ling enough to even give a best guess but I don’t buy into the recent doom and gloom of the indy market. Mostly because I wasn’t around for the so-called Golden era so for me it is what it is. You write, you publish and you hope to get enough people to read and enjoy, that they spread the word. I’ve hit the amazon best seller list several times in specific categories I must add (authors will know what this means lol), even so, it’s still frickin’ amazing but mostly my sales curve…is organic…incremental and is a slowly slow-catchy-monkey kind of growth.

“If you write it, they will…ahem 😉 ”

What never fails to impress me though, is the sense of community, readers and authors alike, yes there’s drama llamas but I recently launched my latest book and had some HUGE authors take time out of their day to support me…I was beyond humbled.

Honestly, from the get-go, that has been my experience and I am so grateful it is, because I’m a sensitive flower (with a filthy mind) and a glutton for punishment, for example, as much as I know I shouldn’t…I…on dark days, go to Goodreads and read all the bad reviews on my books…I know, I know,  I shouldn’t especially as Julia Roberts said so astutely in Pretty Woman.

“It’s easier to believe the bad stuff.”

So when I saw this meme, it not only made me laugh but I think I shall print it out and pin it on my wall. Don’t get me wrong low ratings are inevitable and necessary because not everyone reads the same book. I’ve one clicked a book based solely on the 1 star…saying utter pornography haha…

But some are downright mean…and although I never will, I do often want to ask what someone takes away from tearing into something with such venom and vitriol, something that I’m pretty sure was only ever meant to entertain. Not speaking about any of mine in this instance, so no need to get on a warpath for my benefit…nothing good comes from that…No my personal grrr is the ones without comments at all…Really???

Still as my Gran would say…”nowt so queer as folk.”

Oh…I started writing again this week…New book…not just my shopping list 😉


It’s Alive…well not exactly but it IS live.

What you’ve been waiting for…Wanted is Live!

I’m so proud of this book> I loved writing it…loved getting feedback and even loved how …yeah I can’t put that because it would be a massive spoiler.

If you haven’t clicked…and you probably have because you’re awesome…go click now!


Promise you won’t be disappointed <3




Oh my…cold shower time.

You’re welcome 😉

So ARC’s of Wanted went out this week…I may have sat in the corner with a drink or two until the first of the messages started to roll in. I’ll always worry, that’s a given, but this one I was especially nervous about because it is new, totally new for me.

It has no connection to Choices or Disgrace, it’s a standalone (muwhaha) and its a comedy…of sorts…erotic comedy if you will. I would like you to put your judgements aside that anyone taking on 4 guys is of dubious moral fibre and trust me that I am a romantic…a filthy romantic but a romantic nonetheless and the journey to the happy end is one hellofa ride…Not my words..go check Goodreads.


Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 08.34.52

Anyway Wanted is out on the 30th March…no pre-order…it just goes live.

I’ll be sending out emails with links just as soon as the links are live…hope you enjoy.


Please and thank you



A million words…

Apparently the great and good Stephen King said you have to write a million words before you actually get good. I’m paraphrasing, but I certainly agree in principle. Somewhere in my next book is my millionth word….its most likely a profanity or possibly the word ‘cock’ but still, I certainly feel I have come a very long way with my writing, since my first book.

My 9th novel is due out on the 30th March. Here’s my cover…I flove it <3



I’m not going to lie…I think it’s my favourite book to date and despite my best friend’s initial worry that the story of a girl and 4 guys would be some crude cock-fest…it really isn’t…well mostly isn’t 😉

This is a funny, sassy, sexy, smokin’ hot but above all it’s a romance. It that will leave you breathless, a little hot and hopefully give you the happy ending we all crave.

I don’t have link’s yet so keep an eye out and mark your calendars.

March is about to get very hot!

ef1 gif

Best Seller…woohooo

Just a quickie…said the actress to the…never mind. OK, I’m gonna toot my horn a little, just a little, because I know its not the ‘BIG’ list, not NYT or top  Amazon top 100 (although I have hit that in the past 🙂 ) , anyway I’m super happy my new book Grace hit number 1 Best Seller in Anthologies and BDSM catergories, late last night and is holding fast…for now.

Thank you, everyone that bought it, shared the release and an even bigger thank you to those that take the precious time to review, it really means the world and I am super grateful.

See I told you it was a quickie…did I leave you wanting more…oh good just the way I like it 😉


One for the Diary!

coffee on wood table texture with space for text



Yes, you did read that right.

I know, a full length novel for 99p- I’m shocked too! Grace is the concluding part to the super hot, steamy, sexy and all those other delicious adjectives used to describe The Disgrace Trilogy.

You would be crazy to miss this deal, because if you know me at all, you know I don’t put my books on sale very often. Mostly, because I need to eat and I think 2.99 is a fair price to pay…I pay that all the time for hours and hours of reading joy, actually I pay more but still, you know what I mean…a Grande Latte costs more blah blah…

Anyway, not here to lecture you in the value of ebooks…I just want to make sure to set a reminder, mark your calendar or whatever…Just don’t forget to pick up this bargain when it goes live, <3 <3 <3


What’s your Resolution?

Well that crept up quickly…where the hell did 2016 go?

I’m not normally one for resolutions…I tend to do a short, medium and long term plans but I thought this pretty much summed up how I’d like to approach 2017.15781568_350667151982599_1233997391907393976_n

So what’s coming…what’s new?

I have the final book in the Disgrace Trilogy- Grace due out 24th January, which for the time being is my last book remotely connected to the Choices Trilogy. I know, I know…I’m a little heart broken too, so it’s safe to safe I will probably revisit either Daniel and Bethany, Ethan and Ada or Jason and Sam at some point…Never Say Never.

I also have a standalone that I think you are gonna love coming out in March…but more about that later.

So a little recap about 2016, I had an amazing year, met some more fabulous readers and made the best on-line friends I could wish for and really hope to meet for real in the future. It will happen.

I have hopes and dreams, like most people I guess and I am so very grateful I get to do something I love. I am even more grateful that some of you love it too…Love my tribe.


I think if I have learnt anything about social media, with my very limited experience is that above anything else, there is always another side…and if it’s not your side…for the love of all thats holy..scroll on by. Life is just too short to not take pleasure where you can, let others have their opinions and enjoy the friendships you have been fortunate enough to forge.

I fall in love all the time, its very real to me and I cherish every encounter. They makes my heart beat a little faster, my life a little brighter and my heart swell. I look forward to new experiences and as much as there will always be someone to tell you, “you can’t”…”I don’t think thats a good idea” or “What the f**k are you thinking?” I’m going to repeat…Life is Short.


I wish you all the very best for 2017 and I can’t wait to hug the bejesus out of you at a future signing <3



It’s not all fannying about on Facebook…

I was invited to a small writer group, Chalk the Sun run by the very lovely Ardella Jones yesterday. The purpose was to share my experience of self publishing and although in the past I have been known to look like I am about to haemorrhage when I have to speak in front of others, this was actually fun.

Original image via Flickr Commons, courtesy of Casey Konstantin

There was wine, yes, but mostly it was just chatting about the ins and outs of getting your book out there. Tops tips…hmm?

  1. Write something everyday- It doesn’t matter what. If I’m not actually mid book, which recently is rare, but if I’m not, I will do a blog post, a long post on my reader group or a letter. Just to get some words down.

That was pretty much the nub. I mean there was a great many questions regarding the nuts and bolts of what I actually ‘do’ outside of writing to get my name out there,  with social media, relationship building, promotion, street teams, advertising, covers, formatting blah blah etc. Honestly, most of the information you can get from a decent Guide to…book, that’s certainly where I got most of my knowledge, well that, and at the cliff face.

I think I might’ve frightened them a little with how much work I put in outside of writing, but I have a marketing background and this is my business, my brand and my passion. So it isn’t a chore, it’s what gets me out of bed in the morning.


I did think that had I sat in a room full of extremely intelligent and talented people before I published I might not have put pen to paper in the first place. Crippling insecurity and self doubt would have hindered for sure, but thats just me…or is it?


I think the best advice is “Just keep writing”. Get it finished, get it our there and ALWAYS get professional help before you press publish.



Oh…and be nice. It’s costs nothing and means everything.