I’m so sorry I’m neglecting you…

Hey Guys,

In fairness I’m actually trying to get my next books written so I’ve not been completely idle.

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Let me give you a little background as to what is currently going on in my fuzzy little head. I’m working on a duet, a sexy Romantic Thriller, titled Wicked Games, the first book is done, edited and just waiting a final proof…the second, I am well over half way and hope to finish in the next few weeks. So Beta’s be prepared 🙂 (Book 1 estimated release date Jan 5th)

I am also writing a cute sexy hospital drama that I’m drip feeing you sporadically in my reader group and I know that is tortuous for you but I will be able to focus on that more when I’m finished with WG2.

BTS graphic 2

Early next year I will start Wanting More (Wanted 2) …I promise.

I have some new covers for The Choices Trilogy which I will share later this week and I have a few sales lined up from now until Christmas so keep an eye out.

I think that’s about it…Oh other than I have another 7 day Facebook ban.


So I have made the decision to move any and all of my sexy post to a new group over on MeWe…Dee’s Disgraceful Divas…where there is NO REPORTING. I just can’t risk it anymore and it’s not that I post hard core porn, they are sexy, erotic and super classy images and gifs, in my opinion at least. And I think I will always want to share these so if you want to join me here’s the link.

Dee’s Disgraceful Divas

Take care guys, love you to bits <3 <3 <3


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