Read in the Bathtime Day

Do you risk it? Whether it’s a book or an E-reader the risk of wet slippery hands is high. Or do you have one of those fancy stands that keeps your precious books and devices safe? I don’t. I risk it all, with a kindle in hand and a sometimes glass of wine, I lay back a read until the water gets chilly, then I’ll top it up with hot and stay there until a search and rescue team (I.e The Hubby) appears.

Do you highlight quotes from the books you read? I do, and words, some words are just so perfect. I’ve picked out just one favourite, from one of mine. Do you know which book it’s from?

This isn’t fair.” His eyes pierce me, liquid lust and fire. His lips brush mine, and I tremble from tip to toe. He laughs against my mouth, withholding the soft sweet taste, and a small whimper escapes my throat. “I never said I was going to be fair. You know me,???, I plan to do whatever it takes. In fact, I can guarantee that I will be anything but fair. When it comes to you, I plan on being downright dirty.”

I took name out because that would be dead give away, although I think it’s fairly obvious 😉

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