Oh my…cold shower time.

You’re welcome 😉

So ARC’s of Wanted went out this week…I may have sat in the corner with a drink or two until the first of the messages started to roll in. I’ll always worry, that’s a given, but this one I was especially nervous about because it is new, totally new for me.

It has no connection to Choices or Disgrace, it’s a standalone (muwhaha) and its a comedy…of sorts…erotic comedy if you will. I would like you to put your judgements aside that anyone taking on 4 guys is of dubious moral fibre and trust me that I am a romantic…a filthy romantic but a romantic nonetheless and the journey to the happy end is one hellofa ride…Not my words..go check Goodreads.


Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 08.34.52

Anyway Wanted is out on the 30th March…no pre-order…it just goes live.

I’ll be sending out emails with links just as soon as the links are live…hope you enjoy.


Please and thank you



3 thoughts on “Oh my…cold shower time.

  1. Dee,I didn’t get the ARC of Wanted. Looks good though. Michele

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    • Hi Michele,

      Thank you…I’m sorry hunny but ARC’s only go out to bloggers as part of my promotion. I do send some out as giveaways on my Facebook page.


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