Best Seller…woohooo

Just a quickie…said the actress to the…never mind. OK, I’m gonna toot my horn a little, just a little, because I know its not the ‘BIG’ list, not NYT or top  Amazon top 100 (although I have hit that in the past 🙂 ) , anyway I’m super happy my new book Grace hit number 1 Best Seller in Anthologies and BDSM catergories, late last night and is holding fast…for now.

Thank you, everyone that bought it, shared the release and an even bigger thank you to those that take the precious time to review, it really means the world and I am super grateful.

See I told you it was a quickie…did I leave you wanting more…oh good just the way I like it 😉


4 thoughts on “Best Seller…woohooo

  1. Well done Dee, congratulations. Loved The Choice series and the spin off, read all 6 books plus the novella in just over a week. Keep up the awesome job and can’t wait for the next one 🙂

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