10 Days and Counting…

It’s 10 days until Ethan’s Fall is published and I learnt how to make a gif. file. I don’t know what I am more excited about…oh no wait, yes I do!

Ethan’s Fall is currently steaming up some kindles across the globe as I sent out a few ARC’s out last week. Had my first 5 star review which knocks my little socks off <3

So not long now and it is a great time to pre-order because it’s super cheap 99p/99c but it will go up to £2.99 after release. I wanted to keep a low price to reward loyalty…I knew I would put it on sale at some point and I know I get a little peeved when the price reduces 2 weeks or so after I bought a book at full price. It happens and thats fine but still wanted to reward rather than penalise.

Hmmmm….Looking forward to meeting your new BBF?

ef1 gif

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