Nothing and Everything…It’s the little things.

You know what really makes me smile? Apart from the girls from the JD Facebook group…yeah, definitely that, but also when another author answers a message or offers tips and promo opportunities. I mean how lovely is that? M Never, J A Huss have both done that this week, and I get all fangirl stupid when Tiffany Riesz, Jodi Ellen Malpas and Kitty French like a post or reply to a silly tweet. It’s the little things.

And don’t get me started on the loveliness that is the myriad of bloggers, large and small that take time to share and promote. I could thank people all day, book friends for just being there, because lets face it no one in my real world gets ‘this’…except Kymme…you get this. I have a small street team of really lovely ladies, some more active than others but I appreciate them all so much…It’s such a surreal concept to have people support me in this way…brilliant and awesome but surreal too.

Not a riveting post but I’m just super grateful to this wonderful book world and wanted to share some positive… <3 xdee


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