Sorry for the Confusion

I finished Ethan’s Fall yesterday…which as any author will tell you is just the start. The first step is that it is winging its way to my lovely Betas; Melinda, Heather, Lauren, Missey and Kayla. So now I wait patiently in the corner rocking…or I make a start on the novella I started a while ago before Ethan butted his head in and said ‘me first, me first’.

So the confusion is that yesterday I posted the cover for the novella of Bethany and Daniel which slots in between book1 & 2, which was silly and I’m going to do it again here. This is a novella and has to be read with the others. Ethan’s Fall is a character spin off and full length novel. Hopefully it can be read on its own, as a stand alone but that’s what the Beta’s will let me know I’m sure.

So, sorry to confuse but can’t sit around thumb twiddling…Idle hands…

Never a Choice 1.5 COVER-1

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