Surreal but Sweet

It shouldn’t come as a shock because I have mentioned it before but my kids (and they are all adults so I’m beyond corrupting their innocent minds…that ship sailed with the internet.) are horrified I write what I write and I understand, mostly…I’m their mum and mum’s just don’t do that sort of thing…like ever!

Anyway my eldest knocked me for six last week when she told me she told her hairdresser that her mum was an author…I mean, she left me a little speechless because I don’t even say that because right now I write when I’m not working, cleaning, cooking,washing, still being a taxi and reading. Lucky I don’t watch TV or I would never sleep and don’t get me started on the hours I put in to research…ahem thank you JD and the girls at “Men have porn…Women have James Deen”.

My point, she could’ve said my day job title but she didn’t. So may be horrified but maybe a little proud too??


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