To be continued. …

Let’s talk about series…love them or hate them? Honestly  I love them and I’ll tell you why…when I fall in love with a story I fall hard and never ever want it to end. So for me the longer the better and God bless Tiffany Reisz  for giving us The Original  Sinners series …8 epic stories.
Having said that I do have a tiny weeny problem.
I may have mentioned I’m an impatient  reader and hate waiting but sometimes it is what it is …buuuut  what I hate is when it is clear (2 years and counting) that the author has no intention of finishing the story. They have moved on to other stories…perhaps more lucrative,  perhaps easier…I have no idea. What I do know is I’m left hanging and I’m not a fan of hanging.
I’ve written a trilogy …as you may know 😉 …I released each book just a month apart in a deliberate  strategy  to not keep anyone waiting. I think maybe the average reader reads a book every few weeks….I know crazy right! (5 a week for me), so a month apart I felt was an ok wait.
I do understand it’s not easy…oh its great putting in all the teasers and twists but at some point you have to wrap them up in a devastating brilliant end…neat, tidy and completely  satisfying or maybe you don’t? 
NO! Of course you do because I’m still hanging. ..the road is bumpy I know..
.it is not easy and it is a grind but come on… we all like a little bump and grind. Xdee

2 thoughts on “To be continued. …

  1. Love your books! I just read the first two… In the last 24 hrs! Onto #3! These are page turners. I love that the first book was such a buildup in their relationship. Not a wham bam thank ma’am now I’m married book. And the ending of the 2nd book! Argh. I must know what happens!!

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