Oh no its the End…

I am not going to lie…I am more than a little emotional right now. I have finished…I mean I have just finished all the final edits my editors report suggested for book three. So thats it…I have to ‘listen to it’ to pick up the pesky typos but my Trilogy is complete and ready to send to the formatter. Shit what am I supposed to do now. I know the washing is a sizeable pile and the weeds on the patio look more like Trifyds and lucky me i’ve forgotten what the ironing board looks like but lets face it that will all be there tomorrow and the day after that. Sooo what to do with me…I have been writing, editing, marketing (well trying to) since February ’14 and can actually say I have finished. Not I’ve finished but now I have to…edit,re read, copy edit read oh and read again. Nope I’m done…so what do you think?Fb background

4 thoughts on “Oh no its the End…

  1. Love the series. Can’t believe I have to wait there weeks to read the conclusion. Anymore books you are writing?

    • Hi Linda,

      Thank you so much…can’t tell you how lovely it is to get this type of message. I have promised my hubby not to write until we move end of next month but I have three stories i’m secretly making notes on. Have you read the bonus chapter or the deleted scene…just to keep you going…not long now. xdee

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