To Free of not To Free…that is the question??

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Not really…I have a few days before I am diving into my last book with my editors report. But I have been thinking about exposure and short of streaking down my high street naked with my books taped to my bits I am wondering whats best. I have a few followers on twitter and even less on Facebook which is fine. I really haven’t been at it very long but I don’t want to just keep block dumping information about my books to people that pretty much know about them anyway.

So what is a good balance? I need more people to read the first book for sure and with so much competition, free competition at that I feel inevitably drawn to this option. Thousands of people download free books all the time, some only download free book especially when it is a new author. I have tried a few freebies myself (I read A LOT), generally haven’t been impressed and prefer to pay. I have had some real hits with buying 99p/99c ebooks and I just wonder whether I put the freebies further down my tbr because they hold less value to me. So is cheep better than free or is free the only way to get the numbers and get on Amazons hot algorithm chart? Because lets face it thats where I need to be.

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