Don’t Panic!!

It’s too late for that. So I had a great week last week with two amazing reviews but I have since learned how many typos are ‘quite a few’.  200 in case you wondered. I mentioned the copy edit situation in a previous post but I have  a release date fixed and I just felt sick that this was still an issue despite my efforts. I had a message from the loveliest Kitty French who told me about Text read on mac, which I have done all weekend and I’ve got a friend that has stepped in last minute to give it the once over. I hope to have it back mid week because it now needs re formatting again and re uploading before the release.

Now I know this I can make sure I don’t repeat the same mistake with book 2 but its soo frustrating. Having said that I nearly pee’d my pants listening to the filthy bits in a robot voice !! #stillalittlestressed

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