All Good To Go ish

Pleased the Amazon upload went ok with a little delay on the cover image but that’s all sorted now and I get a sample of the paperback this week to which is scary real. Oh oh and my first blogger is actually reading it now and posted a ‘must look out for teaser’ – Missy ‘ Book Blog :mrgreen:.
Facebook  a different  matter. From my author page I could boost the post of the pre -order post and considering  I know about 10 people  on fb  I thought it a good  idea.  First rejection  was because of too much skin, excessive suggestive sexual content etc. I mean come on guys it’s a freaking shoulder! !! Any hoo  so I cut out the offending flesh and are left with a little jacket material  and the title but nooooo  that would mean too much text content so that got rejected too.
So cap on hand I’ve had to go back to my cover designer and see if she can produce something  remotely  eye catching within these uber conservative parameters. 😤

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