My All Consuming Passion

Of course it’s my husband and my family but just aside it IS absolutely the  writing. I haven’t written anything remotely creative since I was fifteen many moons ago but this year I decided on a very long drive back from holiday,  when my mind wandered that I have a story I would like to tell. That was in February and it’s October now; I have just finished the Epilogue of the final book in my Choices trilogy. 
I still have a way to go with a re read and  further edit to make sure it’s all it can be before I send it to a professional editor in January 2015. I have had some brilliant and encouraging feedback from my betas but I don’t flatter myself- I chose them wisely but I have another who is not a fan of this genre and a stern but fair critic so I am ever hopeful others will like it too.
It’s extremely self indulgent to sit and write for hours and I am grateful I have the support to enable me to do just that whilst tactfully ignoring that there is no longer food in the cupboards because I’m not hungry and my house is a shit tip because I don’t leave my room for days.
But I love it and I love that, in general there is a lot of love and support for indy writers, something I’m sort of counting on in the next few months. If this amounts to little more than writing stories for my lovely betas- I’ll happily do that too just to keep writing, for me, for my sanity for my heart but I also hope you like it too 🙂

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