Sleeping my Way Across America…

Hmm out of the gutter please…this is more an homage to ‘Naptime’ rather than an expose on my travels…I should be so lucky ;).


I am half way through my 6week adventure traveling across the United States and I’ve had many ‘firsts’: 1st Red Solo cup, 1st Top Golf, 1st Taco Bell, 1st Chicago Pizza, 1st time on a double decker train, 1st…hmm maybe later…and I’ve visited some staggeringly beautiful places and met the best people. But by far the most significant thing I’ve learnt about myself is no matter how far I from my house I may be…having a ‘Nap’ always takes me home.


My first stop was Charlotte, North Carolina for the Dark & Seductive book signing (which was awesome!).

I then flew up to Cleveland where the nap-attacks hit me hard. It helped I didn’t really want to venture further than my AirBNB apartment since the Uber driver informed me I had selected staying in ‘The Hood’ to start my vacation….of course I did!

My next stop was just perfect for my nap time to fix itself as a permanent and non-negotiable part of my adventure. The Upper Peninsula, Michigan where I stayed in friends cabin. The location was stunning and kind of perfect for me, quiet, inspiring and not so remote that all could think of was the film Cabin in the Woods. 

My next stop was Chicago and not for the first time I wondered this is going far too well for the heroine and I’d cock my ear and listen for the ominous soundtrack to kick in. It didn’t and I bloody loved this city.

My routine is fixed…up early to wander or write- late lunch-home for my nap -up and out for a late evening explore.

Onward next out to the West Coast…