What’s your Resolution?

Well that crept up quickly…where the hell did 2016 go?

I’m not normally one for resolutions…I tend to do a short, medium and long term plans but I thought this pretty much summed up how I’d like to approach 2017.15781568_350667151982599_1233997391907393976_n

So what’s coming…what’s new?

I have the final book in the Disgrace Trilogy- Grace due out 24th January, which for the time being is my last book remotely connected to the Choices Trilogy. I know, I know…I’m a little heart broken too, so it’s safe to safe I will probably revisit either Daniel and Bethany, Ethan and Ada or Jason and Sam at some point…Never Say Never.

I also have a standalone that I think you are gonna love coming out in March…but more about that later.

So a little recap about 2016, I had an amazing year, met some more fabulous readers and made the best on-line friends I could wish for and really hope to meet for real in the future. It will happen.

I have hopes and dreams, like most people I guess and I am so very grateful I get to do something I love. I am even more grateful that some of you love it too…Love my tribe.


I think if I have learnt anything about social media, with my very limited experience is that above anything else, there is always another side…and if it’s not your side…for the love of all thats holy..scroll on by. Life is just too short to not take pleasure where you can, let others have their opinions and enjoy the friendships you have been fortunate enough to forge.

I fall in love all the time, its very real to me and I cherish every encounter. They makes my heart beat a little faster, my life a little brighter and my heart swell. I look forward to new experiences and as much as there will always be someone to tell you, “you can’t”…”I don’t think thats a good idea” or “What the f**k are you thinking?” I’m going to repeat…Life is Short.


I wish you all the very best for 2017 and I can’t wait to hug the bejesus out of you at a future signing <3