A million words…

Apparently the great and good Stephen King said you have to write a million words before you actually get good. I’m paraphrasing, but I certainly agree in principle. Somewhere in my next book is my millionth word….its most likely a profanity or possibly the word ‘cock’ but still, I certainly feel I have come a very long way with my writing, since my first book.

My 9th novel is due out on the 30th March. Here’s my cover…I flove it <3



I’m not going to lie…I think it’s my favourite book to date and despite my best friend’s initial worry that the story of a girl and 4 guys would be some crude cock-fest…it really isn’t…well mostly isn’t 😉

This is a funny, sassy, sexy, smokin’ hot but above all it’s a romance. It that will leave you breathless, a little hot and hopefully give you the happy ending we all crave.

I don’t have link’s yet so keep an eye out and mark your calendars.

March is about to get very hot!

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