A community with a big heart.

When I started out, I knew nothing and I really mean that. I wrote my book and read a ‘how-to-self-publish’ guide and bam! My first book was out there. There were several stages in between, I’m sure and I may jot them down at some point. This post isn’t about that though.

So, here I was with my shiny new book and of course I was the first person to do this amazing thing and damn, wasn’t every other author, blogger and reviewer eager to get their mitts on it?

Well no, of course they weren’t.

What I didn’t know when I stumbled into this book world, was that it was a community. They were tight, they knew each other and had been together a lot longer than my five minutes. I’d like to think my assumptions about where I fit were based on naiveté, rather than arrogance. I hope so anyway. You earn your stripes, nothing is a ‘given’. And five years down the line, I’m still learning. I think I always will be.

I have signed at several Book events, in the UK and the States. And hand on heart I can say, the authors I’ve met, the readers, organisers, everyone has always been just bloody lovely.

What I know to be true now though is, this community, of romance writers, indie and traditional, bloggers, reviewers and other trades associated with getting the words out there, which are mostly women are fucking amazing!

And if you take a look through your timeline right now, you will see it, in all its awesome action.

I don’t doubt for a moment there are rivalries and jealousies, this is a business after all but I have found nothing but support and made some great friends amongst the book loving world. This post is about one of those.

This week we lost someone special from this community.

Karen & Me at The White Rose Signing in Newcastle

Karen Frances, leaves behind, a husband, five children and a catalogue of wonderful sexy books. I met her several times and considered her someone I could always drop a line to, ask for help or share a drink with, she was funny, friendly and kind. She will be missed.

Her new book was released last week but she was too poorly to promote.

I’m also sharing this fundraiser. I have donated a signed book and all my ebox collections, but I know times are hard. If you can do nothing more than share this, it is very much appreciated.

Karen Frances Memorial Event