Out of the Loop-Thankfully

It’s taken a wee while to recover, I’ll admit that much but that’s an age thing. I mean seriously what was I thinking tagging along with the talented, gorgeous and much much younger LP Lovell, Laura Barnard and super friendly Jodi Maliszweski  and Vicki Watson until the early hours. I should know better…I do know better but I don’t get out much and it was the best fun.

I had an absolutely amazing time at my very first signing at the Essex Author Extravaganza ’16.

prof pic

I met some wonderful authors, Jodi L Perry, Donna Alam, the very very lovely Julieanne Lynch and so many more…too many to remember that’s for sure. But one thing that was so very wonderful for a newbie like me, how friendly everyone was, genuinely lovely.

So I am always a little shocked when I see posts on Facebook contradicting this behaviour in the book world. I think I am either not friends with those that wallow in negativity or I am just blinkered to the drama…for which I am eternally grateful. Life is hard enough…seriously! I love my on-line friends and despite my hubby iterating ‘The competition’ line I don’t see fellow authors like that. Now, that may well be naive but so be it…I fangirl as much as the next reader and will always be grateful for the help other authors have offered me and hope I am able to do the same. Although who would want that advice is a worry 😉


So roll on the next signing and gathering of like minded lovelies…I can’t wait!