My biggest fear when …

My biggest fear when I wrote my first book was, What if I only have one story to tell. It’s still a knot of anxiousness that has taken a permenant residence in my gut. Something I have to ignore or this dream of mine would have died in the hole. It’s a face my fears scenerio.

I’m sending the first part of my new book off to my editor and will be sitting in a corner rocking until I get some feedback. In case you’re not on my mailing list the title is Winter’s Girl, it’s a romantic suspense, it started off in the same vein as The Choices Series but as with all my stories they take a life of their own and it wound down a parallel path. Life of a punster author.

Still, I hope you’re going to enjoy. I have a little snippet if you fancy?


I drop my head onto the sofa cushion with a frustrated sigh when he shifts again and moves his weighty cock farther away from where I really need it. It’s like he flicked a switch inside me with his searing gaze, his singular focus, and his tender touch. Never in my life have I felt desire, lust, or whatever this is steamrolling through my helpless body. It’s like I need his touch to survive. Every part of me craves very inch of him. 

The handful of occasions where I might’ve gone a little further than a kiss, my body went ridged, I shut down and no one wants to make out with a living corpse. 

This is something so different, a whole other realm of pleasure I never really believed. I may have dreamed it once or twice, and similar to a perfect dream you feel slipping back into reality, this reality is also frustratingly difficult to manipulate. I huff again when he circles around for another trail of kisses along my collarbone, up my neck to my ear. All the time, his cock slides back and forth against me with the gentle thrust of his hips. Close, but not close enough.

My impatience seems to amuse him. 

I can feel his smile against my neck. He changes direction, moving down my body. The pace is utter torture and judging by the wicked curl of his lips, he’s enjoying every agonising second. He works his mouth from one side of my body to the next, inching down, down until he’s seriously close to my core. Oh god, I want him so badly.

“Please, please, Darius.” I don’t know what I’m begging for exactly. I only know I can’t take much more of this erotic torture.

“I know.” He lets out a breath that hits my molten centre, and I want to scream, but his tongue follows the cool air and silences me as an unbelievable sensation shoots through my entire body. 

Oh, my God! 

His lips suck and pull at the tender flesh, and his tongue has this perfect pressure sweeping long strokes from just near my clit to my entrance. He slips two fingers inside me, and my hips buck instantly. His other hand rests across my hips, clasping me in place. There’s no escaping this onslaught of unbelievable pleasure. 

My core contracts greedily, grabbing at his fingers, which he pumps into me as a swell of pleasure rises from the tip of my toes, rolling through every nerve in my body, gathering momentum until, like an unstoppable giant wave of pure ecstasy, it breaks. My climax hits, and unrelenting he pushing me on and on, massaging a light circling motion with the pad of his thumb around my clit, building the pressure once more. This time, I scream loudly, with shock and wonder. I’m seeing stars, bright flashes behind my tightly squeezed lids. 

“You’re so fucking beautiful.” He draws his lips between his teeth; his eyes darken with desire and they roll to the heavens when he sucks in the flavour of me coating his lips. That has to be the sexiest sight on the planet.

He holds my heated stare, his chest is heaving and matching my own ragged breathing.

“I need to get a condom, and we need to take this to the bed.” He lifts me in his arms. I’m still dazed from the body shaking orgasm, flopping against his chest as he carries me the short distance to my bed. He lays me carefully, even so, the ancient spring creaks with protest.

“Is this thing going to hold my weight?” He presses the mattress a few times. Concern crinkles his brow at the fresh level of noise. I shrug.

“It depends. Are you planning of high diving on to it?”

“I plan on diving, yes, not from any height, though.” He narrows his eyes at my snickering.

“It’s not the Ritz, but it will be fine.” 

Why don’t Heroes Fart? or WIP it Wednesday

So I had a thought and who knows it may turn into a book or a series of short stories about why the best book genre is Romance. It’s a totally unbiased option, obviously, with years and years of research to back up my rock-solid hypothesis.

This is in no way a smut shaming exercise. I will staunchly and happily advocate the value of the genre, of its long history (Jane Ayre was a romance, as was Pride and Prejudice). Romance entertains, promotes literacy and community among readers (fierce and strong is the romance reader community and I’ll cut you if you tell me otherwise). Whether you read A Brief History of Time or The Hungry Catapillar if reading gives you pleasure you shouldn’t need to defend it…ever. And let’s not forget this golden nugget; the majority of romance books are written by women, for women, where the hero is the heroine and she always, always gets her Happily Ever After. #forthewin

Romance readers should never feel the need to justify their choice of books. And if ever you find yourself in that position, do what I do, retort with the sweetest smile and a brow raised high with judgment, and ask,

“What’s your problem with women and sex?”

No, I’m not going to add to this particular discussion.

I’m going to propose that the romance genre is actually an essential element for any relationship, a key-worker if you will.

What makes me such an expert I hear you ask? Since “because I said so” might not cut it with you and probably hasn’t done for a while, I will just say I’ve written 16 romance novels, (erotic romance, romantic suspense/thriller and rom/com), have sold over 250K books, which I know isn’t in the big leagues by any stretch but it’s not to be sniffed at and I have a very dusty bachelors degree in Communication. Enough? No, I agree, not remotely.

OK, how about I try to explain by way of my own personal experience. I have been married for over 30 years…yes I know, where’s my medal? I’m a grown-assed woman who knows the difference between the possessive sexy alpha hero and a crazy psycho-stalker in real life. I know the difference between being thrown up against a wall and ravaged to with an inch of your breast-heaving breathless life and assault. I know the difference between insta-love and insta-lust, I know the difference between the super hot billionaire in books and the actual billionaires (not mentioning any names….oh wait…Mark Zuck and Mr. Bezos ahem.) But in the books I and millions of others love and devour, the lines are not only a little blurry, but I’ll happily smug them out completely in order to fall head over heels in love with my next book boyfriend.

I often get asked, “I’d love to know what Daniel & Bethany are up to now.” But do you really? I don’t think so. It’s never a good idea to go back, visiting characters you’ve been through the mill with only to learn that Daniel does in fact leave the toilet seat up or that Bethany isn’t such a fan of anal. In order to go back, the drama would need to be re-introduced and in romance that can only mean one of three things: cheating, an illness/amnesia, or death, and frankly where’s the romance in that?

However, there have been many times when I’ve smirked, rolled an eye to the heavens at the impossibility of the bedroom gymnastics, or winced at the sheer stamina of both the hero and heroine. I’m just as guilty as a romance writer but do I care? Heck-to-the-no. Do I want to read that? Duh…yes, of course, I do.

So with my tongue firmly placed in my cheek, I want to explore a flip side, where reality meets romance. I don’t want to simply expose poorly written smut, which cloth can be hilarious I want o to create some fresh scenarios that need the reality treatment. I need some help though. I need to know the type of scenes that drive you crazy, that have you puzzled or incredulous, and while I’m at it, give me those words you can’t stand to.

Just a little update…


It kind of feels a little narcissistic to just post when I’ve got nothing much to say, I mean I don’t want to waste your time when there’s not much to report but also I don’t always want to be only posting when I have something new to sell…so this is an inbetweenie post.

I am two thirds into a new book which like Never and Disgrace, will very much start as a standalone but also like Wanted, who knows ;). I love that you want more from the stories I tell and as tempting as it is when there’s demand, I have to be absolutely sure I have the ‘right’ story to tell. I am super impressed with authors that are hugely productive and although I don’t think I’m bad, I definitely need the time in my head for the stories, characters, and events to have a play around before they hit the page and even then they will need some time to settle…make sense and whatnot.

So I don’t have a release date…yet, hope I don’t lose you in the meantime <3

If you follow me on FB you will know I’m moving house soon which has pretty much put a halt to anything remotely creative, unless seeing how much you can physically stuff in a box is considered creative that is…no I didn’t think so.

See I told you nothing much to report but I will leave you with a standard author plea …please and thank you <3




Magic Formula

Yeah…I really don’t think there is one, sorry. But don’t go just yet, I’m sure I can cobble together some words of wisdom for anyone staring out as an Indy author. Oh wait…I’m still starting out, forget that. You can go and do something much more interesting than read my musings.

Still here? OK, fab 🙂 I’m not a newbie, even if I feel like I am. It’s been two years and I have nine books out, which are all doing rather well, THANK YOU! I understand from chatting with others that there has been a change in the market…a significant change even.

It’s possible. I haven’t been around ling enough to even give a best guess but I don’t buy into the recent doom and gloom of the indy market. Mostly because I wasn’t around for the so-called Golden era so for me it is what it is. You write, you publish and you hope to get enough people to read and enjoy, that they spread the word. I’ve hit the amazon best seller list several times in specific categories I must add (authors will know what this means lol), even so, it’s still frickin’ amazing but mostly my sales curve…is organic…incremental and is a slowly slow-catchy-monkey kind of growth.

“If you write it, they will…ahem 😉 ”

What never fails to impress me though, is the sense of community, readers and authors alike, yes there’s drama llamas but I recently launched my latest book and had some HUGE authors take time out of their day to support me…I was beyond humbled.

Honestly, from the get-go, that has been my experience and I am so grateful it is, because I’m a sensitive flower (with a filthy mind) and a glutton for punishment, for example, as much as I know I shouldn’t…I…on dark days, go to Goodreads and read all the bad reviews on my books…I know, I know,  I shouldn’t especially as Julia Roberts said so astutely in Pretty Woman.

“It’s easier to believe the bad stuff.”

So when I saw this meme, it not only made me laugh but I think I shall print it out and pin it on my wall. Don’t get me wrong low ratings are inevitable and necessary because not everyone reads the same book. I’ve one clicked a book based solely on the 1 star…saying utter pornography haha…

But some are downright mean…and although I never will, I do often want to ask what someone takes away from tearing into something with such venom and vitriol, something that I’m pretty sure was only ever meant to entertain. Not speaking about any of mine in this instance, so no need to get on a warpath for my benefit…nothing good comes from that…No my personal grrr is the ones without comments at all…Really???

Still as my Gran would say…”nowt so queer as folk.”

Oh…I started writing again this week…New book…not just my shopping list 😉


Time Hop- 1 Year- Publish-iversary

I published my first book Never a Choice on March 20th 2015.

I knew nothing…I pretty much still fumble along as best I can but a year ago I had read one book on self publishing and I just went for it.


I had obviously written the books I had scheduled to publish and had a professional editor but other than that I was very much on my own…so what have I learnt since then?…What words of wisdom could I offer to anyone just about to press that button?

Um…I actually wouldn’t dream of being that presumptuous to offer advice but I have learnt a few things…

  1. The internet is dark and full of terrors…well duh! But what I mean here is there will always be piracy and it’s devastating when and I mean when it happens to you. Protect yourself as much as you can…sending ARC’s to trusted sources etc…and comfort yourself that those that get books from pirate sites probably wouldn’t have bought your book anyway and hopefully their computer will get a nasty virus and they’ll have all their personal date cloned…we can but hope 😉
  2. Bloggers are people too…I know shocker right! But most are lovely book lovers that do their very best to share their passion but that doesn’t mean they HAVE to do the same for you…they really don’t…If they do…FANTASTIC…really that type of exposure is invaluable so say THANK YOU!! and if they don’t, remember your relationship with Bloggers is the same as any relationship so say THANK YOU regardless-manner cost nothing…no-one likes to feel used.524403
  3. .Treasure your team…if you are lucky (and I consider myself uber lucky) you will pick up readers who love your work and want to help…they may understand to some degree that you are the weeny tiny fish in a massive ocean and offer to spread the word about your books…embrace these lovely folk for the kind hearted generous souls they are. I have a few very active ladies on my street team…dear friends now…and I am unbelievably grateful for all their help promoting…especially since FB tries to hinder them at every turn…You ladies rock!! This is very much an extension of my previous point…value the relationships.tumblr_nuodzrvCn11teoi3lo1_540-2

Not a great revelation I’m sure but like I say I’m still very much learning…I know to give myself time for proper edits and proofreads and I know to appreciate everyone reads a different book…still don’t get how people can rate a book they didn’t finish but hey you can’t win em all…You really can’t so don’t waste your time chasing…focus on those that do…they are a lot more fun to hang  with.

New book with my Beta’s…coming soon…keep an eye out <3