Wanted Too

Hope’s story.


Not every Prince is charming…

How long did it take you to fall in love?

For my best friend Finn her fairytale took a little time: Now she lives out her HEA as wife to her 4 ‘husbands’ on the ranch where all the magic happened. 

For me, it’s more complicated: 
When it comes to romance, Hope has a fixed and final to-don’t list.

Don’t do fairy tales
Don’t do love
Don’t do happily ever after’s 

I’m a party girl. 
Having fun is my favourite pastime, work is my passion
And finalising this deal with Jorgen is my mission.

Jorgen Jensen is Danish royalty. 
Rude, rich and secretive.
He’s also too hot for my own good and has planned a mission all of his own.

One month with him in his paradise.
One month to play. 
One month to change my mind. 

When I find myself on Finn’s doorstep I’m a little dazed and confused and desperate to forget. 
I need my friend, I need a distraction 
And I need to keep my mouth shut about my mistake.

That shouldn’t be too hard – should it?