The Housekeepers Daughter

The Housekeepers Daughter

“True love may lay claim on your heart, but a first love brands your soul.”

I loved Atticus with my body and soul.
Until he broke my heart and shattered my trust.
He betrayed me.
But worst of all,
Six years later he’s made me love him all over again.

Blinded by my desire for revenge,
I didn’t even notice it happen,
Until it was too late.
Did I learn nothing in the prison he sent me to?
Can I ever trust a word he says?

My carefully woven plans begin to unravel.
Dangerous secrets are uncovered,
My twisted little games exposed,
Threatening to tear my world apart.

In my thirst for revenge, will I destroy every thing and every one I’ve ever loved?

Or will he break me again.


Previously published as The Little Games Duet: Wicked Little Games & Twisted Little Games