The Dirty Heroes Collection

Cruel Water: Book 11 in the Dirty Heroes Collection

A collection of standalone stories from 14 different authors.

I’m not a sadist by choice,
I’m a sadist by design, 
Cursed to inflict pain on others
And yet I find no pleasure in it, 
Only a moment of release from my eternal torment.
And yet, it’s not enough
I’m not a sadist, 
I’m a monster.

One night changed all that,
One night she dragged me from the oceans dark depths
Cresting the cruel waters she came to my rescue, like an angel.
A mermaid.
And now I’m going crazy and don’t know what to believe.
Was she real? 
Did she truly soothe my demons and take away my pain?
How am I even alive?
So many questions taunt me.
So many answer evade my grasp.
What is true? What is real? What to believe?
All I know for sure is I have to find her again, 
I have to know, 
Can she really save me from myself?

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The Dirty Heroes Collection

Get ready to sink into a dark world of danger and depravity.

14 of your favorite authors come together to bring you a collection of stories sure to satisfy your every desire.

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Release Schedule:
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⚜️ May 18: The Curse Behind The Mask by Holly J Gill
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⚜️ June 22: Cruel Water by Dee Palmer⁣⁣
⚜️ June 29: The Masked Prince by Faith Ryan⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
⚜️ July 6: Hunted by Cassandra Faye⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
⚜️ July 13: The Lady by Golden Angel

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