So had this idea…This will hopefully grow as more authors hear about it but here’s a start.

Many authors have one or more of their books out free and I’m lucky enough to know some of them that do. I wanted to put them on my site for my readers and although I may not have read all the authors here…who doesn’t love a free book?

If you do enjoy please tell your friends and don’t forget to leave a review…A few lines means the whole world to us…Not even kidding 😉

So get your click on…

(Please note these are subject to change so make sure you check the price before you click)

Aleatha Romig

Consequences Book 1


Betrayal Book 1


C J Roberts

Captive in the Dark


Karli Perrin

The Book Boyfriend

The Book Addict

Andie M Long


YA Urban Fantasy Short Story

Jo Holloway

Cara: A YA Urban Fantasy Short Story